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SOUND ARSON: Wardhill, Intercostal, Kannabinõid, Estoner, Extreme Smoke 57

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Since 2004, WardHill has constantly been developing its music towards a more and more radical and raw style. After a 1st rock’n roll demo “Motherfuckers” the trio record finally its first vinyl, 100 % DIY!
The style becomes more radical and the band draws their influences to groups such as Black Sabbath, Kyuss and Kylesa, Victims for the modern side.
Brought out in a 10" vinyl version in November 2010 on the label GPS Prod, it was followed by an European tour along with our beloved friends Elizabeth!

2012, the band as the chance to share the stage with big acts such as Red Fang, Baroness, Eyehategod and during the summer they tour eastern Europe (Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Macedonia) for the first time!
At the end of the year the band enter the studio to record their next record.

June 2013 the new record “A Pledge To Lava” sees the light!! 6 new tracks of stoner-sludge in a beautiful colored vinyl, out with the collaboration of Urgence Disk Records, Hannibal’s Records and GPS Prod.
This was followed by tour accros new countries such as Austria and Romania.


INTERCOSTAL is a 4 piece super down tuned stoner doom from Geneva. Well then, that’s a good start. Intercostal are the sort of crushing group who place a heavy emphasis on the bottom end and then go from there. Their music is so good that it barely even struck me that this is an almost entirely instrumental act (Occasional vocal samples and screamed passages are brought in). Instead, Intercostal have created something interesting, worth a few listens, not just for novelty value but also the way in which the band proves themselves as gifted musicians, capable of taking on the world and birthing majestic sounds that one might have thought could never work out. See, Intercostal have that magical ability of stoner bands to hold together, not by a fixed meter but sheer empathy. This gives tracks like Sea’s Calling an impressive forward drive and definitely keeps things exciting and interesting.


EXTREME SMOKE 57 formed in 1990 and are known as first Slovenian grindcore band.

The band released several 7" EPs, tapes and Mini-DVD. Their EP “Who sold the scene?!” is considered “the most intense, unmarketable, offensive grind record of 1996 and one of the most timeless grind records ever”.

ES57 split in 1993, but they reformed in 2008.

Yep, they still have much fun grinding around, even though they don’t sound like in the early days. Man, it’s the new century and it is impossible to do the same shit over and over again!

Estoner is a veteran of Tallinn’s psychedelic/stoner/doom scene, having been active for over 6 years and can be charaterized as a group on a path of discovery, mixing and mashing genres, styles, sounds and tones together, until something face-melting and mind-bending emerges as a result. What started off as Kyuss and Down worship, rapidly evolved into a monstrous mash-up of everything loud and heavy, mixing sludge, stoner and doom, seasoned with a healthy dose of prog and black metal.

The release of their debut album “The Stump Will Rise” in 2012 saw the band performing abundantly in Estonia and taking them on a tour through Europe which led them all the way to France. While keeping a lower profile for a few years Estoner continued experimenting with genres and sounds and will re-emerge from deep beneath the earth’s crust with a lower and thicker sound, presenting a new album in April 2016, followed by a 2-week tour in Europe.


Kannabinõid is a stoner/doom power-trio from Tallinn, Estonia. Formed in 2009 from the mutual respect for the riff, releasing the eponymous EP in 2012. After some very loud live performances, short hiatus and line-up changes, the group is now touring Europe supporting the release of their first LP “Troon”.

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